Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hubby's results so far ...

I stayed about the same for a couple of weeks after my big drop, but went up a little bit this week which stands to reason given my cycle is due next week. I'm thinking it makes sense to just do a weigh in monthly now, after the event to avoid having to focus on those monthly fluctuations that are so frustrating. For now, let's get to hubby's results!

He's been avoiding sugar and carbs for two weeks now. The only sugar he's had is a little in his morning coffee. He eats his evening meals with me. He's not one to eat breakfast. He used to have sandwiches for lunch or ready-made meals at the store for convenience. Now he's buying chicken or tuna or deli meats, and instead of bread he's mostly putting it on a bed of salad with tomatoes, cheese and Dijonnaise. He has had lower-carb wraps a few times, but other than that he's had no bread or pasta of any kind. Instead of ice cream and other sugary desserts, he's been having sugar-free Greek yogurt.

It's funny, at the stores he's looking at labels now -- not just the carb count itself, but the ingredient list -- and if he sees sugar in the first few ingredients he gives it a miss. I'm so proud of him! He says he's actually enjoying what he's eating and doesn't miss anything, but has had an occasional beer. He's 6'1" and started at 99.5 kg (219.36 pounds). In two weeks he's dropped 2.9 kilos (6.39 pounds), and he's thrilled with that amount. I'm happy too, just to know he's eating healthier. Since he enjoys what he's eating so much, he sees no reason not to continue.  Hooray!

The meals we've been enjoying include:

I've been eating very minimally for breakfast and lunch. Just an Atkins shake for breakfast, and for lunch usually a small (95g/3.35 oz) can of tuna in zesty vinaigrette flavour, with a stick of tasty cheese. Dessert at night has been a small yogurt or Atkins bar. The yogurt is something I've only recently added because I found a great brand here that is not only fat free but sugar free as well -- they are Nestle Soleil and they have only about 6 carbs per serve!  It's so nice to have yogurt again!

Well that's it for now, I'll check back soon.  Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! :)


  1. Well done 'Hubby', you must both be pleased.
    Your meals are sounding great ...

    Have a very Happy Valentine's Weekend

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. it sure has been great eating the same meals again!

  2. Happy Valentine's day and I think that by getting yourself well, you are creating an environment of wellness for your husband. That is fantastic and think of the money you'll save as a family, eating the same food, reducing your risk.

    BRAVO!!!! That will make both your hearts healthy. :)

  3. It is so great when you can do this together!!


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