Saturday, September 26, 2015

Steak and Eggs or a Fat Fast?

I was a little over 2 kilos (4.4 lb) down at the start of the week but then of course my cycle came around again. I'm tired of reporting on period gain every few weeks, this is ridiculous! I had planned three full fasting days this week but only ended up fasting until dinner time. That was still pretty effective, until the water weight came. I've been doing heaps of reading that make me curious about whether I should try increasing my fat intake.

First, there's  the Steak and Eggs diet. This is basically a ketogenic diet and a great way to get weight off fast. While it's healthier than you might think and some stay on it long term, I don't know that I could -- I'd probably get too bored of the same meals. But as a kick-start it sure sounds promising. Basically you eat two meals a day of just steak and eggs for 4-5 days, then have a cheat day where you eat whatever you like. So zero carbohydrates until the cheat day. There are plenty of articles online if you want to know more about it, and I don't think it's dangerous in any way -- I actually think ketogenic diets are a great choice for someone with insulin issues and/or PCOS like I have. The steak and eggs diet may raise testosterone levels, and with PCOS I sure don't need that. But if I try it for just a week or two to get the weight moving again I don't think I'd need to worry.

The other thing I've been considering is doing a Fat Fast. The article I've linked to is specifically about Fat Fast and Menopause, and how women as they approach menopause are finding that what worked before (reducing carbs) isn't necessarily working for them anymore but this often helps. There are comments from women in my age group on that article and many found this helped keep their weight down. I sure wish I'd started this weight loss journey a couple of years earlier -- I would have liked to reach goal well before menopause was even on my radar.

Hubby and I bought folding bikes since we enjoyed riding so much while in the States. We had hoped to start riding this week but it's been cold, raining and windy all week. I thought I'd missed out on the end of winter, this is supposed to be spring now! Yes, spring brings rain but it's been so cold it sure feels like winter still! Brrr!

Oh -- there is some good news to report. With the weight I have lost, I keep hoping to see some relief in my PCOS symptoms. Today my hair dresser said she definitely sees new hair growth at the crown, and overall my hair seems a bit thicker to her. Not a lot, mind you, but when you're dealing with hair loss, especially as a woman, any regrowth is a good thing. My hair had been thinning over the last decade due to PCOS, and increased over the last two years possibly due to weight loss. I know some women find they lost hair due to weight loss. Maybe that's stabilising now. I don't know, but I'll take any good news at this point. Well, I'm off to bundle up and ward off the cold for another night. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Anna ... hormones will always have an affect on our bodies, I think all women (and men too) can testify to that. But you have done so well on your journey - keep smiling you certainly should!

    Many do this fat fast - it's something I've never experienced but no doubt there is plenty available to read on the inter-web.

    As you enjoy cycling I think it's great you have now got your folding bikes.

    Good news too about your hair ...

    I hope you have a lovely weekend - keep warm, and take care.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan. can't wait to add biking to our activities ... it may be cold now but it's Australia ... soon enough I'll be complaining it's too hot! Lol

    2. Ditto Jan. If you record the data and say , hey, that's a data point that illustrates my hormonal status, then it's just data.

      Several previously stuck people are using the AltShift protocol. The 3 days of lower fat, higher starch was not good for my joints so I dropped out. I did discover that my normal food template (LCHF) fits nicely into a Wahl's Protocol- called Wahl's Paleo Plus. There are 3 and the WPP is based on ketosis. It's almost exactly what I had fashioned for long term weight maintenance on my own.

      There's lots of strategies on food templates. I know how frustrating it can be to find one that works. I suspect that we all have 2-3 food templates that are optimum for us at any given stage of life and health.

      Cheering you on for the next steps and your n=1. :) Karen P

    3. Thanks Karen. I think we find what works 'for now' but that can change. It did for me when I hit a long stall and IF worked then. The holiday overseas may have shaken things up a bit but I'm going back to IF for awhile before writing it off.

    4. Smart, very smart to test it out. I'm cheering for you. :) Best to test it rather than to wonder. This can be an exciting time- enjoying all the benefits of the weight loss and it can be frustrating, too. That fine tuning.

      I know you'll find long term success. Keep up the great work. I keep seeing the title of this post in my side bar and keep thinking of that brisket in my refrige... :)

  2. My attempt at zero carbs with meats only led to heartburn within just a few days, but I still believe in the healthy aspects of it despite the severe 'heat' I took for it back in the spring. I wish you luck in whatever you choose, and only suggest that you follow your body's reactions carefully and adjust accordingly, which I know you will, just as you are wise to do plenty of research first. I support you. :)

    1. Thanks Kailani. I'm not sure I could handle it but its always interesting to research, isn't it. I'm always reading and exploring new ideas in the LCHF world. For now a full-on return to ADF is the plan for the coming weeks.


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