Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm back! Damage report to follow.

Hi everyone, I'm back in Australia! Wow that vacation went by fast. I have only a week left before my return to work, and I'll be using that week to get back into my normal eating routine.

In Wisconsin walking through the park.

The trip was wonderful, we went biking and walking a lot, so we did stay active. We had so much fun we've decided to buy some bikes so we can continue to ride at home. While the mountain bikes were really nice, we're leaning toward the fold-up camping bikes we rode in Wisconsin as we can just stick them in the car and drive to anywhere we want to ride. There are some really lovely trails around here, many of which we've already walked and we can't wait to ride them and explore further.

Biking in Oregon.

The decision now is whether to get the comfortable gel seat (or granny seat as my brother calls it) or stick with a standard seat. He claims granny seats only seem more comfortable at first but are not in the long run.  I don't know but my butt wanted more cushion!

Walking through a lovely park in Oregon.

Another bike ride in Oregon.

As good as it was to see everyone again after nine long years, and as much as I enjoyed seeing how my home town has changed since I've been gone, it sure is good to be back home. As I said, we remained active while we were in the States, and the first couple of weeks we did pretty good at eating healthy as well. As my period tends to come every three weeks and brings major cravings, I was indulging more in my last week in Wisconsin. When we got back to Oregon we were eating out at nearly every meal. There were times we excused ourselves and walked into town to grab a salad instead but as our time was winding down I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones so we often went with them.

When I didn't have access to a scale, I tried on the new size 12 jeans every morning to be sure they still fit.  They did, but unfortunately the fact I could still get them on didn't mean I hadn't gained weight.  So what's the damage report? My lowest weight before my trip was 71.8 kg (158.29 lb) on 26th July. Due to monthly weight gain and changing eating habits even before the trip (we were trying to get rid of all perishable food before we left so ate away from home more rather than buy groceries) my weight on 4th August was actually 74.9 kg (165.13 lb). That first week in Oregon my weight varied between 163 and 165 pounds so not too bad.  In Wisconsin and Illinois I had no scale. On returning to Oregon post-period I was 172 pounds. My first weigh-in since returning to Australia I'm now 78.3 kg (172.62 lb). During my month overseas I gained 3.4 kg (7.49 lbs) ... but since my lowest weight 26th July I've gained 6.5 kg (14.33 lb). Now begins damage control!

I didn't do any fasting while away from home, and after having indulged in more carb-heavy foods I don't think an immediate return to fasting would work. So the plan this week is to return to eating Phase 1 foods. When I start back to work next week, I'll start incorporating fasting again. This was a well-deserved trip home to spend time with people I've missed for nine years, so I am not about to beat myself up over this regain. But I've come too far to let it keep me from reaching my goal ... I am still very determined to reach my goal yet this year. So that's the plan ... I'll check in again soon.


  1. Glad you had a good, safe trip. Kudos for weighing yourself. The data you gathered will be priceless as you head into the end of loss and the beginning of early (and long term ) weight maintenance.

    I weighted myself even while on my 2013 Alaskan Cruise. Each morning. And I had to stand in a line to do it. That data was key. I knew I was not alone.

    Here's to getting back to your food template and routine. Onward!

    1. Thanks Karen. I considered buying a cheap scale to leave behind in Wisconsin. Probably should have!

  2. It's always a crap shoot for me. Most hotel gyms and many of my house hosts have scales, sometimes I don't weigh in because it would wake up the whole room full of people to do that. I usually will take a break, but if convenient then go for it.

    The data is so helpful the times you did weigh in though, as maintenance will bring some normal variation. The range could bring you your comfort zone, down the road.

    Very valuable for decision making. Glad you are blogging about it. Most people just hide it out, but hey, no learning there.....Kudos!!!!

  3. Going away and out of your normal routine is always challenging. At least you know what to do and I'm sure you'll be back to your old ways in no time. Your trip sounds fun though :)

    1. It was fun. I can tell I let carbs creep back in during the last two weeks as I'm feeling hungry in the mornings, which I never used to. So glad to be home and getting back to my usual routine.

  4. Your trip sounds great. I'm always glad to get back home after a trip too.

    It can be difficult, when you've said yes to a lot of things you don't normally eat, to put on the brakes and get back into a good eating pattern. That said, it is crucial to maintaining, and you are so close to beginning maintenance.

    Ever onward. :)

    1. Thanks Caron, it sure can be difficult but I will do it. I'm too close to goal to let it slip away now.

  5. Welcome Back ... so pleased your trip went well, I enjoyed seeing all your photo's.

    I have every confidence that you will get to your goal, and will read all follow up posts with great interest and support.

    All the best Jan


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