Saturday, July 25, 2015

126.7 pounds down; just 10.5 to go!

Let the vacation begin!!  Yes, I have finished work and am now off for seven weeks -- 7 WEEKS! Yikes, that is a long time but I bet it will go fast.

Let's get this week's stats out of the way -- I weighed in at 72.8 kg (160.5 lb) which is a loss of 0.7 kg (1.54 lb) from last week, and 57.5 kg (126.7 lb) overall.  I am just 4.8 kg (10.5 lb) from my goal! Seriously, I have never gotten this close before ... well, since 1984 anyway!

So now I have 10 days off before we fly back to the States for the month of August. I am both excited and anxious about it. It's been nine years since I've seen friends and family. I'm a bit nervous! I may be much smaller but I'm also much older! It's a long flight. I have so many people to squeeze in a visit while I'm there (my time will be divided between three states).

And of course there's the temptations I've already spoken of -- the food. I've had no problem eating right here in Australia, and it's not like we don't have tempting junk foods here, we surely do. Obesity in Australia is fast catching up with the US. But some favourites from back home are not available here, so the temptation will be higher. But here's the thing. My stomach is not going to tolerate a sudden return to crap eating, it just won't. And I no longer want to eat that way. So while I'm likely to try some things I haven't had access to in years, I do not think it will be difficult to make these be just occasional indulgences. I certainly can't and won't be eating such things every day. Hell even if I could eat that way again, I don't want to be that person anymore, and it's not worth the 20 pounds I'd be likely to regain.

Another thing that might be hard -- I'm used to weighing myself every morning. I have done so for the last two years. Since there will be changes in my eating just by virtue of being away from home if nothing else, I hope I will be able to keep an eye on it, but I may not be able to weigh every day. I have been doing that so long I wonder how I'll cope if I can't satisfy the compulsion to weigh every day.  It's probably good that I start getting into the habit of weighing weekly but I figured that wouldn't be until after I reach goal. I guess since I'm unlikely to reach goal before I go, and I am likely to have some regain when I get back, I will just have to get back on track with ADF when I return until I do reach goal. Because as I've said previously, that IS going to happen this year. I am that determined I know it is. There is no other option for me.  My Happy Scale app is telling me I could be there in September -- that's probably not going to happen due to this trip. But it will happen, that much I know.

I'm told maintenance can be harder than losing it. I guess I'll find out. And I may not even maintain at 68 kg (150 lb). I am only 5'4" tall. Truthfully I should probably be between 57-59 kg (125-130 lb). I got there once in 1984 when I was just 21 years old but it didn't last long and I've never been back. I'm in my 50s now so I don't know how realistic it is to aim for that. At 287 pounds, I was thinking 150 was a reasonable goal, but until I get there I don't know whether I'll be happy there or want to keep going. Anyway, that's a problem for another day. For now, I'm just going to relax and enjoy my life of leisure for the next 10 days until we board that flight.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I wanted to respond to the thought you had on maintenance. What most people (including me for years and years of yo yo dieting) do not understand is that when you get to goal, you just continue to do what you've been doing to get to goal. I lost weight so many times and stayed at my goal for anywhere from 15 minutes to a few months. I ALWAYS gained back the weight and a few more pounds for good measure. Ugh.

    After 12 years in maintenance, I can tell you that it can get boring. You don't get all the pats on the back for doing so great. People forget that you lost a lot of weight and it isn't a topic of conversation so much. That said, it is so rewarding to stay close to your goal weight. Everything in your closet fits. You don't have to think so much about what you're going to eat -- at least I don't. It is so worth it.

    Congrats on doing so well for the past two years. Consider it training for maintenance. :)

    1. Caron thank you, I much appreciate your sharing your valuable experience. I know I can't go back to how I used to eat or I'll go back to what I used to weigh. I hope intermittent fasting can be one tool that helps me stay in a specific range, one of several I'm sure. But I'm actually looking forward to it getting boring and just a part of daily life. Thanks again.


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