Sunday, August 10, 2014

Down 101.6 lb and half way thru 30DS

This week I saw another drop to 84.2 kilos (185.63 pounds) which is a loss of 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) bringing my total loss to 46.1 kg (101.63 pounds) to date. Not sure where I'll be tomorrow though - hubby took me out for birthday lunch at my favourite Mexican restaurant. I have not been there since last year's birthday lunch because I started Dr. Poon's diet 19th August 2013. I was rather embarrassed that time because we dined outside, and they have these small, metal chairs with narrow metal poles for armrests. These chairs are not designed for bigger people. In fact they were so uncomfortable I had to ask the waitstaff to bring me a different chair. Truly embarrassing.  But this year?  I slid right into that chair no problem. That was a good feeling! They are still not the most comfortable chairs, but fitting into them is no longer a problem. Yay me!

When I eat out at restaurants, which is rare, I generally pick the lowest carb option and don't worry too much about fat and sodium. So I got the fajitas. I chose the pork and asked that they leave off the tortillas, but everything else was fine. They offered to substitute corn tortillas, but I said no thanks, I'm avoiding the carbs. So they asked if I'd prefer rice! LOL No, thanks - meat, cheese and veggies will do fine.  So here's what I got.  Nice healthy salad, fresh tomato salsa, not sure what the shredded pineapple was for so I left that and most of the jalapeƱos on the platter. I did indulge and let myself have the cheese, guacamole and sour cream.

Now it may look bigger than it was in this picture, but that's a small cast iron skillet, and a very small one that the salsa is in. I mixed spoonfuls of the meat, grilled green pepper, onion and mushroom mixture with the fresh salad and other toppings, and ate it off that small plate they gave me. At my first bite, as delicious as it was, I realised my error. The pork! It was pork carnitas - meaning it was cooked in Coca-Cola. Regular Coca-Cola, and boy could I could taste the sugar. My husband tried a few bites and he didn't think it seemed sweet, but I have not had any sugar in a year, so I sure could taste it. But I'd ordered it and there it sat before me. As hubby pointed out, it's my birthday and a once a year indulgence is OK. True, but I was really worried about getting any sugar back in my system that might set off cravings again. This program has been so easy to follow because I no longer crave any of the old junk I used to eat. And I don't want to go back there. But he's right, it was there and I wouldn't be back here for another year most likely, so you know what? I ate it. It was delicious. Sweet, but delicious.

I'm not sure I'll want to see the number on the scale tomorrow though. LOL Oh, and my boss has already told me not to bring lunch in, she's getting Thai. She had been asking me questions last week about how I deal with eating out and I said I rarely do, but usually don't have trouble finding something at a Thai place as long as they can leave the sugar out of any sauces. Sometimes they can't because they're pre-made ahead of time, but in those cases I'll just have a bit of garlic and soy sauce with stir fried meat and veggies. Later she said don't bring lunch on Monday (they tend to do lunch for people's birthdays) so I'll be eating out twice this week. Ah well ... I can handle it.  Sooner or later I'm going to have to start dealing with life beyond Dr. Poon, so learning to make the best choices now can only help.

Tomorrow marks the half way point in the 30 Day Shred - 15 days in, half way through Level 2, and I gotta tell you something cool my hubby said to me last night. We had just turned in for the night and before he wraps his arms around me to go to sleep, he usually gives me a little back rub and such. He's so sweet. So he stops suddenly and says he can feel my ribcage. I said I'm sure it's been gradually making itself known but he insisted even just a few days ago he couldn't feel it so prominently as he could now. Granted I'm laying on my side, everything falls to the front. LOL but I started feeling what he was feeling and wow, I really did feel different. I hope that means this is working and I will have a noticeable difference at the end of the 30 days. Wish me luck!

One more small thing -- see that ticker at the top of the page? It says my BMI is now 31.9. I started at nearly 50! Soon I'll be in the 20s and I can't wait. :)


  1. Happy Birthday - skinny minny ;) Wow, you are doing fabulous!! I can totally relate to tasting the sugar in foods when others cannot. I don't think you will have a serious problem with sugar cravings. You are a very focused young lady and this past year proves it. Keep on...keeping on. :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday! And congrats on the ribcage-emergence!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday ......congratulations.

    All the best Jan

  5. I stumbled upon you searching for day 15 of the 30 day shred (i just completed it on my lunch break) and I have to say, you are an inspiration! I'm out of shape and apple-shaped at 130 pounds and felt like I could've died in the first three days of the 30 day shred. It's gotten a little easier at 15 days (I'm also training for the c25k) but I just wanted to say you're an inspiration. Keep going, you're amazing.

    1. Hi Julie, glad you found me, and thanks for the kind words!


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