Sunday, June 1, 2014

Milestone update ...

I haven't mentioned the Milestones in the Happy Scale app recently but I have passed Milestone 7 of 12 and am 10% into Milestone 8. I had entered 130 pounds as the goal when I set up the app, but decided 150 sounded more attainable when I started Dr Poon so that's what my tracker shows. I just realised I can switch the goal at any time, so I'm thinking I should have the same goal everywhere.

So the first shot below shows me 10% into Milestone 8 of the 130 pound goal, and then I switched the goal to 150 pounds, and I'm already 13% into Milestone 9 of 12! The predicted finish line is December.

My back is a bit better but still hurts sometimes, especially if I forget about it and bend to reach something or pick something up. I really want to run tomorrow so I hope it's alright. But with it getting dark earlier I am going to try a different location closer to work as I waste nearly 20 minutes driving to my current place. I have never tried this path yet but I should be able to get there in five minutes or so. I'm all packed and ready to go after work, and if I find my back is bothering me then I can just make it a nice walk and get to know the area. There's likely to be more people around but hopefully I like it there. Wish me luck!


  1. Hope your back is feeling a lot better but I think you are wise .... if it's not quite right just enjoy a walk.

    Take Extra Care

    All the best Jan

  2. congrats on the milestone, and please nurture that back until it's fully healed!

    1. Thanks Gwen. The decision may be made for me ... it's raining.

  3. Congrats on your milestone! You definitely want to take it easy until your back heals. It will really hurt if you don't.


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