Monday, March 17, 2014

Loving my new outfit ... and increasing C25K training

I wore my new outfit today and everyone commented that I looked smaller yet again. I think that's because my body is changing of course, but also because weight loss is easier to spot when you're not wearing clothes that are too baggy! In fact four people who have never commented before said something today, asking what I've been doing and saying I looked great. I think the new outfit is a winner! I suppose it would be a bit much to wear it every day? LOL

Once again my totally undependable phone failed me come time for my pre-C25K interval training. I really need to get a new one. So once again my work phone filled in, and since I didn't have the 45 second interval recording on it, which I had planned to move up to today, I used a standard C25K app instead. That meant it would prompt me to run for one full minute rather than 45 seconds, followed by a one minute 30 second walk, and there would be eight intervals rather than ten. I thought I'd give it a go. I have done four or five one-minute runs in previous walks, but those were on my own, no app or recording, so I could take a longer recovery time between. But what did I have to lose?

I made the full minute on the first two intervals, but had to stop at 45 seconds for the rest of them. However I did add one more run interval at the end when it said to start the cool down, as I knew I'd have more than five minutes left to cool down anyway. Maybe I'll try that one again Wednesday and see if I can do three at the full minute. I'm definitely going to use the work phone from now on.

I am liking the Runphones very much. I like that they sit above the ear canal rather than in it, and they're very comfortable.


  1. Way to rock on, despite the obstacles!!! Great job!

  2. Ahhh! Now that's using your noggin'! Way to make do, and doing another lap to make up for the time.

    I bet you're noticing better recovery with your breathing too! :)

  3. Oh! P.S. Isn't that nice with the new outfit? You work that look! *sassy finger clicks* :D

  4. Sunny, I am starting to see better recovery time. It doesn't seem like it when I first start walking but then I come back to normal just that little bit quicker on Wed and Friday ... until I increase my run time again that is. Lol


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