Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dr visit results, and training day

So today was my Dr visit, and when I walked in she said, "How can I help you?" It has been a couple years since I last visited, so I didn't expect her to notice the weight loss. I said first thing I wondered was what I weighed last time I came, and she checked the computer and said 124 kg. I had written down my starting stats as well as where I was at now so I showed her that 19 August I weighed 130.3 kg and as of this morning I was 96.8 kg, a loss of 33.5 kg. She was very impressed and glanced at her computer again. She said, "So the Phentermine is working then?" Um ... No! That was two years ago, I was only on it for three months, and while I lost about 12 kilos on it, that all came back when I went off the drug. So I told her what I had been doing and then hit her with my questions.

Firstly, she said an A1C test would not tell me whether or not I was pre-diabetic. Only the glucose tolerance test will tell us that, and she wouldn't worry about it. If I'm not, then no problem. And if I am then the recommendation would be to lose weight and exercise, which I'm already doing. She gave me the paperwork to get the test if I wanted it, as well as cholesterol and triglycerides, and some other blood tests for my hemochromatosis as well. She said it would be fine to wait until I reach goal and do the tests.

I am due for a mammogram this October, so she gave me paperwork for that, and also a bone density test referral. If you have certain conditions they are covered by our national healthcare but as I don't qualify I would have to pay for the test. And lastly she gave me the paperwork to get a liver ultrasound also related to hemochromatosis. So that I'll need to arrange soon, the mammogram later this year, the bone density whenever I want, and the blood tests when I reach goal. Glad it's not all due at once!

I asked whether I should take a multivitamin and she said given the amount and variety of veggies I eat, she wouldn't worry about that but she did feel I should take a calcium supplement with vitamin D. So I'll have a look for that this week. She'd also like me eating more fish and avocado, neither of which I care for. I have tuna once a week but that's all I'm allowed on the program right now.

On to tonight's training ... I did all my intervals again and thought about trying to jog a bit longer, but having read an article by a guy who said consistency and gradual improvement is key to avoiding injury, decided against it. I don't want to risk it. Next week I'll be increasing to 45 seconds and that's soon enough. I've got one more session at this level first.

So that's my day. Hope you all had a great one.


  1. I have a scoop of tuna salad at lunch twice a week. Tuna shouldn't be eaten more than twice a week due to the mercury in it. :)

    (there are several slices of avocado in that tuna salad sitting on a bed of greens/veggies, too.) (I'm lucky that lunch is available 5 days a week for me. Brought in to the office, and extremely fresh.)

    The bone density test shouldn't be that expensive, because it's a pretty quick / non invasive test. :)

  2. You're doing well Anna.

    I just love avocado ... with salad with prawns any way it's served I enjoy them.

    I'm sure you'll tweak/adjust your menu plan accordingly

    Take Care and thanks for sharing your news.

    All the best Jan

  3. Interesting that you have hemochromatosis. Stu has higher ferritin levels but apparently not high enough to cause concern. About the glucose tolerance test I'm not sure about what the doctor said. There is much debate about that and perhaps it might show up diabetes but pre-diabetes is a more grey area. My glucose tolerance test showed up normal but there is not way my blood sugar was normal.

    This is off the American diabetes website:

    Any one of the following tests can be used for diagnosis:
    an A1C test, also called the hemoglobin A1c, HbA1c, or glycohemoglobin test
    a fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test
    an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)

    Note is says "any one of these tests".

    I also read recently that prediabetes diagnosis can simply be made if your belly measures more than (I think) 32" for a woman.

    Anyway - great to get sorted and actually feel good about seeing a doctor :)

  4. Gwen, that's why I am only allowed tuna once a week, due to mercury.

    Lynda, I read that too but didn't think to question her. But I do believe the changes in diet and exercise I have made are all I really can do to avoid diabetes.

  5. What about the overnight fasting test? It isn't a do all say all but should give a good idea. I know I am pre-diabetic (was with both pregnancies) and it runs in my family. I feel good about how I am eating and I bet (HOPE) my numbers would be was improved by now with the amount of CRAP and SUGAR I have cut out of my diet. IF I have something with sugar I am like OMG that was SO MUCH!!! But it is like one thing. Where as year before last I would eat 3-4 meals of that same about of sugar DAILY. Gotta love the mindset changes! :)


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