Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Damn technology!

Yesterday's training was frustrating due to technical difficulties.  Of course because I needed to hurry home this time, everything seemed to work against me. I forgot my headphones at home, so had to grab another pair before I headed out to the lake path. Then my phone, which is occasionally temperamental, decided to simply not work. I use Sports Tracker to gather stats, but more importantly I have my audio file on it which gives me the cues when to run and walk. So I restarted the phone, which usually fixes it, but on startup I just get the Samsung logo flashing and twinkling at me. It should only do that for a moment, then go to the home screen, but 3 minutes later I'm still looking at that damned logo. So I restart again. Same thing. In frustration I pull out my work phone, load Sports Tracker on it, enter my settings, and it's ready to go while mine is still flashing that bloody logo.

I threw my phone in the trunk and started out on my walk. OK so I had tracking stats but no cues. So I'd be counting ... the entire time! I knew from experience my count was slower than actual time, so 21 by my count is 30 seconds. By that logic my 1:30 walk time should be a count of 63. But I tend to count with my pace ... every second time my right foot lands is a count, and of course the brisk walking is still slower than jogging. So I knew my walk times were just a bit too long when I was further along than usual at the fifth interval, but no biggie. I went further than normal turning around after the sixth interval and had a bit longer cool down walk at the end. When I got home and opened the trunk, my phone was up and working fine again. Naturally! So I manually entered the stats from the work phone.

This morning, however, was definitely not frustrating ... I had a nice drop to 96.8 kg (213.41 lb) which is 33.5 kg (73.85 lb) gone so far. I'm hoping to see another drop by the weekend. I think hitting the 75 pound mark is optimistic, but it sure would be nice.

Oh! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow ... the first since she recommended gastric bypass due to my being pre-diabetic. I'm going to ask for a test but I don't want to drink that nasty glucose drink so someone suggested an A1C test instead. And I'll be asking about a bone density test. I'll report back tomorrow and let you know how it went.


  1. Your blood test will come back great!! I think your doctor will be blown away that you've actually done something about your health ;)

  2. What Lynda said!

    and, sounds like you are even more OCD than me. I would've just done my best without the technology, and not fretted over it. ;)

  3. Gwen, I probably would have if I'd been further along in my training. But this is only week two and I really want to keep improving! Increased walk times between the runs could actually set me back, and this is hard enough as it is! And yes, I'm probably a little bit OCD, LOL.

  4. Whoo HOO! I probably would have been so pissed at the phone I would have just given up.

  5. Good evening Anna. Thank you for stopping by today.
    I have found my fitbit a bit sensitive to my bus driving so I don't wear it for that time which is fine since I'm just sitting there driving anyways. Otherwise I am finding it an awesome tool. I love the sleep tracking. I knew I wasn't the best sleeper but it shows me a pattern of sorts. I'm still learning alot about it but know that so far I'm loving it.
    I read back a ways in your post and it seems you are doing awesome. You've lost quite a bit of weight and that is really cool and I'm glad you are taking good care of you.
    It'll be great to hear what the doctor has to say. Please share when you go.
    Keep up the great and awesome work.

  6. Hello! Thanks for saying hi over on my blog- I've stopped through here a few times and tonight was the first time I took a long look. Congrats on your loss and for making Dr. Poon's diet work for you Down Under- awesome. Interested to see how your test results turn out.

  7. Still catching up.... But I hate it when my phone doesn't work right! I just got a new one but before that my old phone would often take 30 or more min to set up and when I only have about 45 min to get my run in, that's very frustrating.


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