Saturday, March 15, 2014

75 pounds gone in <7 months

I'm thrilled to report another good week! I have finished my second week of my pre-C25K training program and it's going well. It's not getting easier, I am definitely still challenged, but next week I'll be moving up to 45 second jogging intervals (1:15 walk). So the intervals are always two minutes, but each week I move another 15 seconds from the walk time into the jog time. When I get to the full minute run I can use any standard C25K app, though they do just 8 intervals rather than 10 it will still be challenging due to the increased run time. Today we took a 45 minute brisk walk by the lake and it was a beautiful day. My thighs are feeling all this walking and jogging ... and my back a bit as well.

So on to the weigh-in. This week I am 96.1kg (211.86 lb) which is a loss of 1.4 kg (3.09 lb) from last week, and a total loss of 34.2 kg (75.4 lb) to date. And here's another number I'm happy to report ... 39.8% body fat! My body fat started at nearly 46% and has slowly gone down each week, but this is the first time it's been out of the 40s! Woot!  My starting BMI was 49.3 and it's currently 36.4. That's according to my ticker up top. Interestingly I've checked various BMI calculators online and they tend to vary in the result, some say I started at 49.7 and one said 50.3 but I'll stick with the ticker for ease and consistency.

Today I went to the shop I bought the new black slacks at a few weeks back. It's not a plus size shop, so their sizes tend to run just a bit smaller. Where I could fit into 18s at plus size shops I needed a 20 at this place. Well they had the navy pair back in stock so I grabbed an 18 and tried them on ... they fit! So of course I grabbed a pair and a new top to go with them, also an 18. It's a good week!

Did I mention I'm creeping up on Hubby's weight? He's 94.4 kg (he's 6'1") so there is now less than 2 kg between us. It won't be long!


  1. Wow, look at your face shape changing!! Well done on the jogging too. I'm determined to get more exercise in now.

  2. You are doing amazing, but you already know that! Congrats!!!


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