Monday, December 30, 2013

Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds

I urge you, dear readers, to watch the video below. I am so glad Lynda shared this, as I hadn't heard of Tom Naughton before. As Lynda said, he "talks about us... the bloggers who are out there making a difference.  We are the 'wisdom of the crowds' - the little people who are speaking up and telling the politicians and health professionals - 'the anointed' - that we are not going to blindly believe them any more!"

While the video is titled "Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds", I prefer the longer title suggested at the beginning of the video:  "Why people looking for diet and health advice are turning away from doctors, nutritionists, government agencies, medical trade organizations, and other established authorities and are instead getting their information from bloggers, podcasters, independent filmmakers and countless other dedicated amateurs who communicate through social media."  OK it's a mouthful, but that's really what this video is about. That and why the experts won't admit their dietary recommendations are wrong and have actually made most of us fatter.

This video had me riveted from the start. This information needs to be shared, and he's right ... it will be, through the wisdom of the crowd on social media, including bloggers like us. So many of us have followed the experts advice and struggled for years, blaming ourselves for failing when in fact the experts got it wrong. They failed us.

There's a reason obesity is an epidemic now like never before and we can't sit around waiting for the government and/or medical experts to tell us the truth ... to admit they got it wrong. I followed the low-fat high-carb recommendations from the government and doctors (my own and popular authors) for years, and all it ever got me was fatter. I've also had the disapproving looks from doctors who were sure I was just 'weak' and wasn't 'doing it right' ... hell, I've had the disapproving blog commenters convinced of the same thing! For years I prayed I would find the diet that my body naturally preferred so I could stop struggling and reach a healthy weight. I believe I have found it and I'm now well on my way to realising that goal. If I'm so 'weak' that I 'just can't do it right' then why am I having no trouble what-so-ever sticking to this plan? How could I possibly have gone over 4 months without a single cheat!?  Because I'm not weak - I've found the way I'm meant to eat and it's so easy.

I hope you'll watch the video and share it with others. Hopefully we can turn the obesity epidemic around and spare the next generations so they can enjoy good health ... so obesity and diabetes are not a normal part of their lives. So they outlive their parents. That's really my goal, at the end of the day.


  1. Sing it from the rafters, sistah! Great post!

  2. I haven't watched the video yet (44 MIN?? LOL) but I agree with the words of your post. For me low carb (which involves a sugar detox) is the best way of eating.

  3. Doesn't seem like that long but then I couldn't tear myself away, lol.

  4. Up WAY to late typing a blog post. Hope to get to the video tomorrow. Happy New Year Anna!

  5. You too! Happy New Year everyone! It's only six hours away for me! :)

  6. Great words on your post and great video.

    We will all keep spreading good healthy living choices.

    All the best Jan


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