Sunday, November 3, 2013

Down nearly 36 lbs; and Grain Brain

As my side-bar proclaims, if you follow my progress I promise to share the good and the bad. I want to be honest with anyone following my journey; they should know it's not all smooth sailing, and there are occasional rough weeks.  This week was one (here's a possible TMI warning right up front, I'm talking about irregularity). I was really starting to worry I would have my first week with no loss! Thankfully that didn't happen, but here's what did.

On Monday I saw a lovely drop - I was down to 114.7 kg (252.87 lb) - which was awesome cuz it was after the party on the weekend and I was just sailing through the 250s! I mean it seemed like I just got into the 250s and now I was nearly out of them again and 62% complete with Milestone 3 (which is reaching 247.9 lbs). WOOT!  Then Tuesday I was 115.5 (254.63) but of course fluctuations happen, so I didn't worry about it much. By Wednesday I was feeling some abdominal discomfort and suffering digestive irregularity, to put it delicately. Thursday I was 115.7 (255.07 lb) again, so this week was not looking good.  I took Metamucil and by Friday things were moving along again, but I was still at 115.5. I didn't hold out hope for a good result this weigh-in.

I'm happy to report today I weighed in at 114.1 kg (251.55 lb) which is a loss of 1.8 kg (3.97 lb) from last week. That brings my total to 16.2 kg (35.71 lb) so far.  I'm feeling much better now, too.  So far on Dr Poon's diet I haven't really had digestive issues like this at all, though I was worried as I've always had a bit of an 'irritable bowel' -- but truthfully it wasn't a problem until this week.

So what changed? The only thing I've done differently is I didn't have time to make Leigh's Lazy Cabbage Casserole on Sunday night - I was tearing down Halloween props most of the day and just didn't have the time or energy to make it this week.  That stuff is loaded with cauliflower and cabbage, so plenty of fibre.  Still, I had a serve of broccoli or green pepper and salad greens with most of my meals this week. I've also been busier at work, which means I probably wasn't drinking as much water this week. That's really all I can figure, maybe slightly less fibre and less water than usual. In any case, I have had an impressive drop this weekend and things are back on track, so it's all good now. I will, however, be more careful to drink adequate water even on very busy days.

On to the next subject -- Grain Brain -- or DO CARBS CAUSE ALZHEIMER'S?

I remember watching this video from Dr Oz recently called "Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer's" which I found on Lynda's blog.  I already knew grains were linked to obesity and lots of diseases, but I had no idea there could be a connection with Alzheimer's and other brain diseases!  Avoiding Alzheimer's is definitely on my list of priorities!  I watched the video and was intrigued, so I immediately bought the book Grain Brain on Kindle for Mac. I'm only through the first five chapters so far, so I can't really give a review of it yet, but it's definitely very interesting reading, I find myself highlighting a lot! Give the video above a watch (it's in 2 parts, so when the first one ends just look below it for part 2). I found it particularly interesting as I have a loved one who suffers ADHD and other brain / mental issues, so I really want to send him a copy of this book, too.

Tomorrow we have a family birthday party to attend, and these people haven't seen me since I started losing weight - should be fun. They are having a BBQ so there will likely be some meat I can safely eat, but just to ensure I've got something Poon-friendly, I'm bringing a batch of Fauxtato Salad along. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey well done on your 'impressive drop this weekend'.

    Here's to another good week.

    All the best Jan

  2. Congrats on the loss! I used to have irritable bowel too, and many items used to give me loose stools, so I know... now, occasionally my stools are very small, but that comes from less foods and no grains. If your body is metabolizing effectively, and you've cut out grains, you just don't have big, bulky, loose stools anymore. Your body is using what you eat, as true fuel, so you poop more. LOL When we put our chihuahua puppy on a grain free diet when we got her; same thing. We read up and read that dogs on grain free diets poop much smaller amounts. It's a sign of efficiency! If you are pooping at least once a day, or once every 1.5 days, the amount of the poop isn't an issue, as long as it's not too much of a struggle. I know, very TMI, but just trying to help. :)

  3. Thanks Guys. Gwen, it's a delicate subject, isn't it? Lol I do frequently hear people talk about what you've described ... needing to go less frequently. Dr Poon talks about that in his book as well. I don't consider that to be constipation ... I'm referring to needing to go but not being able to. Actually being 'backed up' as mom would say. Going less frequently is not a problem ... but needing to go and not being able to is downright uncomfortable!

  4. Hi Anna, I am very impressed by the way you take control of the eating situation. Like the BBQ, and you are preparing ahead of time. I was worried that you might give too much information and my eyes would start stinging and burning or something. I managed to finish your post unharmed:) Then I read Gwen's comments...ho boy! ;)

  5. Marc, you are too funny! Lol thanks for the chuckle. LOL


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