Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does it cost more to eat this way?

If you saw my hubby shake his head as we pay for our groceries each week, you'd think so. Fresh, lean cuts of meat are not generally cheap, and our weekly grocery bill has gone from an average $100 or so to $115 or even $120 these days. Part of that is prices creeping up and part of it is my meals used to centre around sweet potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, lentils and oats, all very cheap foods that I am not eating now. I never was a big fan of fruit. I still have a lot of fresh veggies now, just much more green and leafy varieties, with cabbage, cauliflower, green onion and green capsicum (bell peppers) topping the list. But is it really costing us more?

See, before I got my carbs and thus my insulin under control, and before hubby started eating healthier as well, we used to stop at least 3-5 times a week to get treats ... chips, cookies, banana bread, chocolate bars, etc. He had a special weakness for raisin toast, which seems to be half price fairly often. Oh, and hubby had to have ice cream for dessert every night as well. He's given that up for fruit and yogurt these days, and avoids the other temptations at the store now. I don't stop after work anymore unless it's for a bag of salad or something like that. I reckon we easily spent another $40 each week because once you're in the store you seldom get just the one thing you came in for. So if anything, we may be spending less now.

I don't miss those treat runs either, I don't even think about them anymore. When insulin was controlling me I was on autopilot some days. I knew I shouldn't and that I'd feel bad for doing it, but I also felt powerless to resist, the cravings were that strong. But I don't have cravings anymore. I honestly don't think about junk food anymore. That truly is a powerful, wonderful feeling. I remember reading someone thought they would never be able to stick to this if they had to battle their constant desires to have forbidden foods ... they were surprised to find that's just not an issue, cuz those desires or cravings simply go away. So honestly I've found it very easy to stay on track.


  1. Good for you! And don't forget the lowered costs of medicine, doctor's visits, etc. (co-pays included.) All win win!

  2. Hi Anna and I agree! When I first started eating healthy and looking at my grocery bill...I thought this (the cost) is unsustainable. But I stopped buying drive thru junk foods 2 to 3 times per week. I also stopped buying processed and sugary foods to bring into the home and consume. So everything balanced out in the end. Choosing to eat healthy did not cost more money. It just changed the way I spent the money on food. And I got healthier in the long run. So it's all good:)

  3. Thanks guys. :)

    To Anonymous, I deleted your comment because you made the exact same comment on my March 30th post and I have already responded there. I don't see the point in defending myself again. You don't have to like my choice or agree with it, but given your strong opinion, why do you read my blog?

  4. A low carb high fat lifestyle does not need to be more expensive and the up side is you are and do feel so much better and healthier for it.

    I always look for 'bargains' at my local store/farmers market. With vegetables I don't buy the pristine rounded shaped and pre-washed. I go for the odd shaped and cheaper bags. After all surely a pepper is a pepper what ever shape it is and a mushroom whether big, small and not perfectly shaped still has all the goodness in it.

    All the best Jan


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