Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coping with stress ... without food!?

I've had the day from hell. Work was crazy, one crisis after another, solve this problem and there's another one needing immediate attention ... so I didn't get to finish the project my boss needed. Stress levels are through the roof. Hubby calls to tell me I gotta stop at the store on the way home, but I first gotta race to pick up my new glasses before they close. I finally get home and he's yelling at me for not questioning the bill for my glasses! Honestly with the day I'd had I just didn't look at it, I just paid it. I didn't realise it was $95 more than it should have been, I was just focused on all the things I still had to do, so I paid it and left. I'll deal with it tomorrow. I went to change and relax a bit but couldn't lay down cuz he had his tools on the bed ... again. I put them away, laid down for a few minutes and checked Facebook. I then went to heat up some leftovers for dinner but the kitchen counter was a mess and sink full of dishes as he hadn't cleaned up after himself ... again.

I love my husband but he drives me insane sometimes. I work outside the home. He is supposed to be taking care of the housework but he seldom does and I often get home from a busy day's work to find I have to do his job, too, and I just flipped out this time. I cleaned up the mess and came back to the bedroom to cry and blow off steam. I still haven't had any dinner.

Why am I telling you all this? I guess because my usual way to deal with stress is to eat. Not just eat, but binge! I would be hopping in the car and heading out to get some cookies and chocolate or caramel or something! Truthfully, I don't want any of that now, but that means instead of stuffing down my feelings I actually have to feel them! Eek! So I had a good cry, let go of the stress, and then sat down to blog about it. If it weren't getting so dark I might go for a walk. As it is I'll probably go heat up some leftover lemon pepper and rosemary chicken and that's about it. I'm not used to coping with stress without using comfort food, so this is new ground for me. Life throws shit at you sometimes. But I'm glad that reaching for junk was not my first impulse and I'm not even fighting the urge to do so ... I really don't feel like eating. Weird. But cool.


  1. I've also had the most uptight week and have felt overwhelmed more than once, and it's only Wednesday!! I just want to binge to relieve the stress, but I'm holding on to my control.

  2. Sorry you husband was an arss yesterday. :(

    But GOOD on you for not attempting to stuff down your feelings with food! And for realizing exercise is a GREAT stress buster!

    Sounds like you and your hubby need a little chat. He needs to shut the eff up and not yell at you, and do his effin' work around the house. But that's just the outside looking in. ;)

  3. LOL Gwen ... We've had this chat many times. He isn't gonna change. Until I get that upset that he comes and puts his arms around me and says how sorry he is ... but it will happen again the next day. He just doesn't care about the same things I do, he's busy working on things he finds more important and interesting than housework. I remind him I have to do my job whether I like it or not. Funny thing is if I leave him a note on the fridge to do something he usually will! Maybe I need to leave a schedule ... Monday, vacuum and dust. Tuesday laundry, etc. might work!

  4. Stress is not a good thing however it's caused. Did we use to talk about stress as much as we do now?

    Stress should not be the go word to start eating - for so many it can be .... so RESIST, RESIST.

    By all means shout, scream - punch a pillow (far more preferable than actually punching someone)!

    For goodness sake breathe and if anyone dare says RELAX !!! Just scream LOL

    Seriously hope all is calm now

    Take care

    All the best Jan


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