Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week four results

It's my smallest drop yet, but I'm still thrilled with it because I got my period this week! In the week before I usually gain about two pounds, but not this time! You may recall I lost more than four pounds last week, and since it didn't come until late Friday evening I didn't expect a drop until early next week, but look at that ... .9 kg (1.98 lb) down this week! How can I not be happy with that?

(Tap picture to view full chart.)

Seriously, over 17 pounds off in four weeks is incredible. It's enough that I can feel a difference in my top half as that's where I tend to lose it first. Bras need to go to the next tighter hook, shirts fit better. Some slacks feel a bit loser at the waist, but my jeans feel the same! Well ... Not entirely, I did wear these jean shorts on holiday before I started the diet, and they were tight enough to be uncomfortable if I wore them for long. That's not the case now, but they fit snugly, not loose at all even after 17 pounds gone. Then again they are plus size so they're made to stretch, and they are fresh out of the drier.

I still want someone to notice though. I guess it's hard to see the difference between 287 and 270? But soon, I'm sure. Just gotta stay the course, keep doing what I'm doing. Soon enough people will start to notice. Thanks Dr Poon, I am so happy! :D

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