Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 6 and another drop

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but there was no change from the day before. But happily today I have had another loss. I've just had an egg muffin and a protein shake for breakfast and I'm about to go on my daily walk, but just wanted to share this first.

I was 127.5 kg (281.09 lb) and that's after confirming it a few times. See my first weigh in was even lower but showed a higher fat percentage. I missed the water percentage so after my hubby did his weigh in, I did mine again. This time my weight was a little bit higher but my fat percentage was lower. Weird. I did it again a minute later and it confirmed the second reading so we'll go with that. This scale claims to be extremely accurate but this has happened before ... so does weight really fluctuate by the minute? I don't know. I'll be more careful to get the numbers the first time so I don't need to recheck, but it's hard cuz they only display for 10 seconds.

So at 127.5 kg (281.09 lb) that's a loss of 0.6 kg (1.32 lb) from yesterday, of which just under half was fat loss, the rest was water. That brings my total loss to date to 2.8 kg (6.17 lb).  I'm off to walk, which happily I've done every day. I'm back to work next week so I'll have to figure out the best time to fit my walks in. Have a great day!


  1. You are doing great. So happy for you to see the weight dropping off.

  2. Whoo hooo!!! 6+ in a week is pretty darn kick ass! I hate how scales do that wiggly woggly crap. Mine does that same thing.

  3. Ok so it's not just me! Glad to hear it, but yes it does drive me mad, lol.


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