Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 3 is over, still doing great!

So today's report is going to sound a lot like yesterday and the day before, but that's good, it means I'm settling in to the routine. This morning I weighed in again, only cuz it's my first week ... I plan to only weigh weekly after this, honest! I weighed in at 128.1 kg (282.41 lb) which is a loss of 0.8 kg (1.76 lb) since yesterday. Once again that was half fat, half water. Not bad ... that means in just two days I lost 2.2 kg (4.85 lb) which I'm quite pleased with. This could be a very good week!

I didn't have the protein shake this morning as I wasn't hungry yet, but did head out for a 30 minute walk. After that I made an egg wrap - that's one whole egg plus two egg whites mixed and poured into a hot pan, then when nearly cooked I flipped it over to ensure both sides were set and carefully folded it over, then set it aside ... it resembled a crepe at this point. Into the pan I cooked a small amount of onion and green peppers, and a bit of leftover chicken diced small. I set that aside, returned the egg crepe to the pan and put a bit of Kraft LiveFree very low-fat cheese on it and a couple very thin slices of low-sodium ham. On that I added the onion, pepper and chicken filling and folded it over, flipping carefully to melt the cheese on both sides. I gotta say, this was more work than a shake, but totally worth it, this was delicious.

Lunch was some leftover Lazy Cabage Casserole from yesterday, and dinner was a stir fry using some of my leftover veggies, cauliflower rice and chicken, with garlic, ginger, a small amount of soy sauce and low-sodium beef stock (I didn't have chicken). Just trying to use up leftovers, and it was quite tasty. A bit later I had a protein shake as a sort of dessert as I was a little hungry. All in all a very tasty day.

That's my report for day three, I'll check in again tomorrow.


  1. Good going! Is Dr. Poon's diet different from other low carb diets?

  2. Yes, it's not only lw carb but also low fat and low sodium. I have done Atkins years ago and you only had to watch carbs. I don't know about other plans, but yes this is very restrictive in phase one because he generally only takes on patients with medical conditions as a result of their obesity.


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