Saturday, July 4, 2015

Down 124.5 lb, only 12.8 to go!

This week's weigh-in is 73.8 kg (162.7 lb), down .5 kg (1.1 lb) from last week and 56.5 kg (124.56 lb) to date. I have just 5.8 kg (12.79 lb) to goal!

We'll see what happens next week which may bring some monthly weight gain but so far that hasn't been a big deal as it was before ADF. By the way Gwen, I gave blood today and my blood pressure was just fine, so that's good. I had never heard of intermittent fasting causing high blood pressure but Gwen mentioned it so I am glad to have been checked today and to know all is well.

This was supposed to be a fast day but you have to eat before donating blood (and drink heaps of water) so I'm debating doing a double fast day to make up for the double feast day. So far I've been very lucky that every event we've had that required dining with friends and family has fallen on a feast day. It's no big deal if it doesn't, you just eat if you need to and fast the next day. I'm so used to the alternate day fasting that in truth I feel overly full now from having eaten two days in a row, so we'll see how we go. I may fast two days or just have dinner only on the second day, we'll see how I feel.

I've been dealing with periodic earaches off and on for a few months now. The doctor suggested nasal spray as a blocked nose can cause it, but if that didn't help it can be related to other things, possibly even TMJ. Well it hasn't helped. I used to get earaches when I was very young but not since then until now. I remember mom used something she called Sweet Oil to relieve the pain. Research tells me it's essentially the same as olive oil, but I think I should go back to the doctor first to rule out other issues before putting warm oil drops in my ear. It isn't frequent but rather painful when it does happen. We drove someone to a friend's near Sydney today and going up Mt Ousley brought on an earache that is still with me now. If a steep ascent driving can bring it on I would like to check with the doctor again before boarding a flight. I would think that would be worse! Wish me luck.

Good night ... I hope everyone in the States had a lovely 4th of July!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

DietDoctor - Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting has a great article on Intermittent Fasting for those who'd like more information. I'll summarise it below but you can find the full article here.

This especially caught my eye: "there are many things to consider before moving on to this thing, but don’t let that fool you. This is one of the most effective weapons available to lose weight. It’s perfect if you are stuck at a weight-loss plateau despite 'doing everything right' – or to speed up your weight loss." That's exactly where I found myself. After many months of steady drops I found myself at a plateau despite doing everything I had done to lose weight, and more. Intermittent Fasting was the plateau breaker I needed. Here's more from the article:
In fact on an LCHF diet some people spontaneously fall into this habit, as their appetite is reduced (see weight loss tip #4, eat only when hungry).
Intermittent fasting is about eating all that your body needs… while still allowing it to sometimes briefly rest from constant feeding.

What’s Acceptable to Drink During Fasts?

During a fast you can’t eat, but you should definitely drink. Water is the drink of choice, but coffee and tea are also great options. During longer fasts it can be wise to add a little salt too, or drink bouillon.
Anything you drink should ideally be zero calories. But it may be acceptable to cheat by adding a small amount of milk in your coffee or tea – if you absolutely need it to enjoy your drink.

What to Eat Between Fasts

So what should you eat when you are not fasting? Well, if your goal is to lose weight I suggest following all the tips above, including eating an LCHF diet. Combining this with intermittent fasting is a great combination.
On a LCHF diet your hunger is reduced and it’s much easier to do a period of fasting. Also, your fat burning is already very good – so when fasting you’ll easily burn lots of fat.
So, while on an LCHF diet the fasting periods become both easier to do and more effective. 1 + 1 equals 3.
_______ is a great website for information on health and weight loss, especially using LCHF (Low Carb High Fat, or sometimes Low Carb Healthy Fat) diets. Check it out!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Down 7.8kg (17.2 lb) in a month of ADF!

Just over a month actually. I started ADF 22nd May, it's 27th June this morning and I weighed in at 74.3 kg (163.8 lb). That's down half a kilo (1.1 lb) from last week, 7.8 kg (17.2 lb) since I started ADF, and exactly 56 kg (123.46 lb) overall.  I can't believe I have just 6.3 kg (13.89 lb) to go to reach my initial goal. That's nothing, I'm almost there! Whether I make it before my trip or not doesn't matter ... I know that I WILL make it.

People at work have noticed I'm losing again ... I must admit that feels great! Still buying size 14AU or Medium tops and pants. I need a new pair of jeans, the 16s are loose on me. I tried the 14s yesterday and they fit great ... but they are so expensive here that I didn't buy them. I figure I'll be home in August, I can get Levi's at a decent price. These that I have from Just Jeans are nice, I really like them, but why spend $70 on another pair when I can probably get jeans for around $30 back home. Hell Levi's here can go for upwards of $150! That's crazy. No, I think I can wait another month for new jeans. Who knows, maybe I'll be size 12 by then!

I have been asked about pictures ... I don't think you'll see a big change yet since I had gone up a bit before starting ADF, but I will do some soon. Certainly while I'm back in the States. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another drop, and smaller sizes in the US

Since I checked in late last week I have a smaller drop to report this weekend, but a drop none-the-less so I'm pleased. I am 74.8 kg (164.9 lb) which is only down .3 kg (.67 lb) from Wednesday but I will take it. That's 55.5 kg to date (122.36 lb) and only 6.8 kg (14.99 lb) to go.

You know I am really looking forward to my trip home, I can't wait to see family and friends again whom I haven't seen in eight years. But I'm also looking forward to clothes shopping! According to most websites, women's clothing sizes in the US run smaller than Australia (vanity sizing perhaps?) so while I'm currently a size 14, according to various sites I could be a size 10 in America! Vanity or not, I must say that sounds appealing!

I would also like to stock up on things that are much cheaper in the US like Levi's jeans and Playtex bras. Actually I can't even find my preferred bras here in Australia though they do carry some Playtex models. The good, high-end brand here is Triumph and they can cost over $60 so I still order from Amazon. Even with delivery charges they are much cheaper. Getting them at home should be cheaper still.

I plan to continue with ADF until my trip, do the best I can not to gain while at home for four weeks, then ADF to lose anything I might have gained at home. Once I hit a weight I'm happy with (which may be my goal or maybe lower) I can fast once or twice a week if necessary to maintain.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Down 121.7 lb (55.2 kg) ... loving ADF!

Sorry for the late post, I wanted to wait for the monthly water weight to pass as I suspected I’d see a nice drop today. I was thrilled to see 75.1 kg (165.57 lb) this morning. I’m just over the moon! That’s a loss of 1.1 kg (2.43 lb) from my last weigh-in and a total loss of 55.2 kg (121.7 lb) to date – and it means I have only 7.1 kg (15.65 lb) to go to reach goal! How cool is that?

I am really adapting well to alternate day fasting (ADF) and just amazed that I feel great and never get hungry. Even the morning after a fast day I often don’t eat until lunch time because I am just not hungry. I think I could easily go two days in a row but right now this is working for me.

A friend asked for more information about how I do the ADF – I’ve already mentioned most of this, but I thought I’d recap briefly. It really is just this easy – I only eat every other day. While many fasting plans say women can eat up to 500 calories on a fast day (600 for men), I find it much easier to eat nothing than to eat a little. That’s just me – if it works for you, by all means eat something. I do think if you’re going to eat on your fast day, it’s better to have all your calorie allowance at one meal rather than space it out throughout the day because it’s the long periods without food that keep your insulin levels low and kick your body into fat burning. So if you eat small amounts throughout the day that might interfere with that process. But as with everything, experiment and find what works for you. Complete fasting works best for me and I’m having great results.

Now fasting means just avoiding food – you can have all the calorie-free beverages you like on a fast day. It’s cold so I often have a mug of hot tea with a bit of stevia to sweeten, especially at what would normally be considered meal times – otherwise just water or diet soft drink. The next morning I may break my fast with an Atkins shake or small can of tuna (lemon and cracked pepper or zesty vinaigrette are my favourites), or I may have nothing at all until lunch time as I’m not usually hungry.

When my fast day falls on Sunday, I don’t want to have to cook that night but I still need something for lunch on Monday – so I have two standard go-to meals to choose from. I can either grab some Chicken Tikka bites from Woolworths (they’re meant to be an appetizer for four, but they’re low carb so I just have them all) or I mix a can of no-drain tuna with some chopped celery, onion, pickle and mayonnaise and serve it on some salad greens and tomato. Either way I grab a pack of veggies from the store to have on the side which just needs to be microwaved a few minutes – sometimes it’s fresh pumpkin chunks which are really tasty, though a bit higher in carbs, and sometimes it’s frozen veggies in cheese sauce. These are quick, easy lunches with no cooking the night before.

Throughout the Dr Poon phase of my weight loss I cooked large meals so I’d have lots of leftovers to eat throughout the week. But with eating every other day, I can’t really make something that gives me five or six portions leftover unless it’s something that freezes well because it would take me twice as long to go through the leftovers. So I tend to cook just two dishes each week that make four portions each, and that gives me lunches and dinners for feast days. I’m not following strict Dr Poon on my feast days, though I do often make the same meals I did while on that plan, but my meals throughout the week are still low carb. When a feast day falls on Saturday I go out to lunch with my hubby and have whatever I like. Last weekend we went out for Thai, and I had chicken satay. I only ate a small portion of the rice that came with it, but otherwise I didn’t worry about the carb count for that one meal and just thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. It’s very freeing and so far has not triggered any cravings – and hubby and I are both very happy to renew our tradition of going out for lunch together on Saturdays, even if it’s only every other week.

That’s really it – I must confess that I haven’t been doing any exercise other than my daily walks, mostly because it’s winter and when I get home I just can’t wait to jump into my warmest sweats and relax. But then I’ve always known that while exercise is very good for you and has many benefits, weight loss really isn’t one of them. There are many experts in the field saying that very same thing these days, and that’s also been my own experience. I do still get in at least one walk every day, and if it’s rainy or too cold I just do it on my treadmill, but that’s about it.

Anyway, that’s it for now – I’ll check in again soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Big drop this week ... thank you ADF!

Oh this is clearly working for me. This week even better than last week! I am so pleased, I saw two new low weights this week. Friday I was 76.8 kg (169.32 lb). And today? Well let's just jump right to this week's results.

This morning I weighed 76.2 kg (167.99 lb) which is a loss of 2.5 kg (5.51 lb) from last week, bringing my new total loss to 54.1 kg (119.27 lb). Yes that's 5-1/2 pounds gone this week, and given where I am in my cycle I should be gaining this week! So I have just 8 kg (18 lb) to go to reach my goal.  I am thrilled.

We even went out to lunch last Saturday and out to dinner Friday night with family. I made the lowest carb choices from the menu both times, swapped hot chips (thick cut fries) for steamed veggies, and thoroughly enjoyed delicious meals.

The day after a fast I sometimes have a protein shake or small can of flavoured tuna for breakfast but often don't eat until lunch time because I'm just not hungry. So rather than eating more on feast days as some tend to do when they first start fasting, I'm generally eating less on feast days than I did before I started ADF and it's always low carb. I think you adjust, you learn to recognise when you are truly hungry as opposed to when you just feel like eating. If I am truly hungry, I eat. In fact I keep a can of tuna and an Atkins bar with me even on fast days in case I really do get hungry but I haven't needed them yet.

I'm 43% completed with Milestone 11 of 12 in Happy Scale, the app that smooths out your daily fluctuations to show your overall trend or true weight and as you can see below after weeks stalling and then starting to drift back up, since I started ADF it's a smooth drop back down. Needless to say I will continue what I'm doing. I'm loving ADF!

As for exercise? Well I haven't run for a week or so, but do get in walks at least once a day, and meet or exceed my 10,000 steps goal nearly every day. I may still run once a week or so just so I don't lose my endurance but most of the reading I'm doing these days recommends low intensity exercise over jogging as a better tool for weight loss. So far so good. Have a great weekend guys!

The coloured bits around the line show how your weight compares to 30 days ago. Green means you're lower and red means you're higher.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

First week of ADF is over and so far so good.

After having got back down to 79.3 kilos (174.83 lb) when I kickstarted my ADF plan with a two-day fast, I found through the week I would drop after a fast, go back up after eating, etc. I expected that and usually the drop was a bit more than the previous one and the gain a bit less each time. Yesterday I found myself at 78.7 kg (173.5 lb) following Friday's fast. I weighed in this morning expecting it to go back up a bit since I did eat yesterday, and to my delight it didn't. I'm still at 78.7 and that's great!

That means I've lost 0.6 kg (1.32 lb) since last week, and while I wish it was more, remember I did get a big drop right after my two-day fast, so this is really good.  I'm going to continue in the coming week, so today is a fast day, and tomorrow I'll feast. Last week Sunday was a feast day but today is a fast day, and I would really rather not cook on a day I'm not eating. But that means I won't have any leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I could easily throw together a cold salad to bring for lunch, but it's winter and I'd rather a hot lunch. Unfortunately, low-carb ready-made meals are not readily available in Australia for the most part. I have found one thing in the deli that does qualify and actually was quite tasty -- it was some Indian chicken Tikka bites I think they were called, and it's meant as an appetizer but I find if I use that as my main it's a quick, delicious protein source so I may just grab one of those with a side salad.  At least the chicken will be hot.

I got up before work twice this week to get in a run -- very difficult as I am so NOT a morning person! But I've been doing much more walking than running lately. I am using a pedometer and most days I get between 10,000 and 14,000 steps in each day so I'm pretty happy with that.

Anyway I just wanted to check in, for those of you who may still be interested, LOL. Hope you all have a great weekend. :)